Innovation and electoral process

Image by alancleaver_2000 via Flickr

Today is a perfect day to analyze this matter. It is easy to understand that all governments in democratic countries consider innovation as a main need of their economies. In that sense, we can affirm that innovation process will not be stopped by a new government. But there can be (and usually are) many changes in the innovation management. The main reason is the assignment of funds.

I do not want to determine what party is better for innovation. I only am going to show you the differences between the two main political options in the democratic countries.

In general, liberal will provide actions to impulse private innovation more directly, and social democrat will provide actions to impulse innovation from the public sector. It is important to notice that, nowadays, both political options use both ways (in Europe), and the difference is the amount of funds that they assign to one way or another, because there is high consensus about the importance to join public research with markets.

Liberal tend to use the tax reduction for innovation actions as the main mechanism for supporting innovation, and social democrat are more interested in subventions as a way to be able to choose the innovation areas to fund. The former option lets that innovation areas depend on the decision of the managers and the latter on the decision of the government.

There are many others aspects that electors must consider if they consider innovation as an important decision matter.

First of all, I want to think that politicians are always honest, never lie, etc. Then we must analyze their electoral programs. The reason is that we will find a lot of differences among parties related to the innovation areas that they want to support, and we must consider non innovative areas that will be funded because public resources are limited.

I prefer, as a technologist, to choose my vote regarding the party that will be able to create more employment and wealthy. There is an old myth that tell us that liberal create wealthy and social democrat employment. But, today, many of us know that it is not true. Policies of health, transport, are very important, but the policies of innovation can create many employs and much wealthy with both political options.

Technicians must know that their work can be creating a lot of future employs, and an innovation manager must know (and probably know) that his work is creating a lot of technology positions, and then, much more employment. Politicians in charge of funding innovation actions must remember the importance to support innovation management, as the engine that will move the car.


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