How does innovation make a better world?

Example of a five day rainfall forecast from t...
Rainfall Forecast. Image via Wikipedia

Really, I do not think that innovation can make a better world. This sentence seems only a commercial message, or a political one. I think that innovation is part of our lives. Innovation is change and ancient philosophers had been thinking about change many years ago. Changes can improve a situation or make it worse, although we always consider innovation as an improvement.

The word innovation is related to technology basically. When we are talking about innovation we are talking about technology changes mainly. There is not a society without technology, and there is not a static society. Then, innovation belongs to the dynamic of the society. If we assume this, the role of the Government related to innovation, must be to facilitate its development. A society is changing every day, and politicians must manage these changes because people benefit from innovation.  But a new technology could deteriorate a society in the short term, this occurs when people is not prepared to use it. Then, change management is very important. Unfortunately, we usually forget that we cannot manage a thing that we do not know. A professional innovation manager is necessary to introduce a change in an organization or a society.

In a more technical world, technology changes are getting a larger importance. This cause is pointing out that technicians must get a more preponderant role in the future management and government, but scientists only get respect when science can solve old problems. The first scientists get respect predicting solar eclipses. If a scientist had predicted the last economic crisis, we would consider him a guru today. Nowadays, the crisis has created a new and challenging environment where people are asking for new solutions that science and technology will have to provide. Crises are change precursors and then, they are not opportunities for speculators only, they are opportunities for technology innovators too.

I suppose that we agree that an innovation opportunity is worthier than a speculation opportunity, because of the number of benefited people.


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