Christmas Time and Innovation

Christmas Season is an ancient tradition. What kind of innovation can be done in a society that preserves these traditions?

This is a very interesting question, because we can meditate about past and future. What is more important?

If we think that these questions are philosophical, it will be possible that we are right, but I am not interested in the philosophical aspects but practical ones.

Tradition and innovation are not opposites, are complementary. When we are producing innovation we start from an initial situation, therefore, there cannot be innovation without tradition. Tradition means previous knowledge, and any society needs a source of knowledge to produce innovation.

The important aspect of the traditions is the knowledge that they preserve. Of course, every tradition has a high content of symbolism. The symbolism is important to remember other things.

Christmas season has a religious meaning and a religious symbolism. But the preserved knowledge is universal and useful in a secular society. Christmas time reminds us the importance of a lot of things useful in a healthy society like peace, love and so on.

Now, if you think about the relationship between peace and innovation, you could analyze that peaceful societies focus their innovation effort on their citizens to improve their quality of life, but belligerent societies focus their innovation efforts on developing new weapons.

Then, the Christmas Season remembers that innovation will improve our quality of life if, first of all, we try to preserve a peaceful world.


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