Women working on a plane in the Army Air Corps

Image by The U.S. National Archives via Flickr

We know that disorder is around us when we are walking down the street, but we can make a lot of things to avoid this situation.

I suppose that all of us agree with this sentence: The work of a manager is to reduce the disorder in order to manage effectively limited resources. A good manager solves problems, he does not create them.

A job position that increases complexity to solve a problem can be a future problem because complexity cannot grow indefinitely and it would produce a future collapse of the business. A manager of a business must try to implement simpler structures, in order to maintain a high degree of manageability of his business.

The number of employees in a healthy business depends on many things, for instance, its dimension. We can manage a business with a high number of employees and low complexity, and a business with a few employees and high complexity, because the number of employees is only one of the components of the whole business model.