Can a problem of complexity be solved by politicians?

I always said that political problems need political solutions, but not all problems are political.

Nowadays, many situations are produced by an increment of complexity. The more complex a system the more difficult to govern is. Complexity is a property of a system or society that has an important characteristic, complexity cannot grow indefinitely. When a system or society is near the maximum of its complexity, it is really near its collapse.

A political solution is produced when different groups of people, with different interests, agree. It is true that an agreement decreases the complexity of a society because it establishes a framework to interchange information among different groups of people. When politicians agree a certain framework then a society is more manageable, and it is easier that its economy works properly.

But, as I have shown before, there are many situations of complexity increase that are strictly technical. Then, in the same way, a technical problem will need a technical solution, and technical solutions do not depend on an agreement, they depend on sciences.

Obviously, a complex world has different possibilities where we can reduce its complexity, some of them will be political and others will be technical. If the resources we have are limited, a government must choose. If we could measure the complexity of a society, and we can measure what component is the most contributing, then, we could find the first priority to improve: politics or science.

I think that it could be very interesting to measure these components, because measuring complexity is a technical action, and is not a political one: the result is objective and an agreement is not needed or, at least, is easier to get.


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