Press and complexity

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Bertrand Russell thought that press introduces uniformity in a society. We can think about this thought and complexity.

Uniformity can be seen as structure of the relationships among people. Uniformity in a way of thinking is reducing the behavioral answers to a social event.

Following this reasoning, press reduces the complexity of a society, and in the sense of manageability is turning the society into a more manageable one. Everybody can understand that it would be very difficult to govern a democracy without press conferences.

This argument is showing us that press has an important role in a healthy society, then, citizens would be more interested in its quality. As any other control system, it cannot do its work if somebody damages it.

Today there are many journalists that have forgotten what they learn at the university. The job of journalist is to collect information, to organize them, to contrast them and to transmit the result of its work to other people. They, or their bosses, can have a personal opinion about anything but the value of their opinion can be greater, equal or lower that the opinion of any other citizen.

Translating this case to the business world, corporate communication is an excellent tool to provide uniformity, to reduce complexity and then, to make more manageable a business, and there must be an excellent relationship between the senior managers and the internal communication department in order to preserve a good level of complexity in our organization.


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