Can money make us better innovators?

Nobel Prize ceremony at Stockholm City Hall
Image by Michael Cavén via Flickr

Of course, it can. But it is very important to think about some issues.

Yesterday, I was watching “The Prize” at the TV.  A secondary plot can give us an important viewpoint.

The academy awards the same work of two physicians, American the first and Italian the second. The American physician considered that his work was stolen. Finally, he notices that planned work can be replaced by improvisation. High cost years of work could be replaced by a cheaper moment of inspiration. Money can be turned into time, but money can be transformed into many things.

Money is one of the resources in a business, probably the most important one, but an enterprise has different assets, and many of them are intangible, and they have a value too. Sometimes, this value could be the largest one.

The real value of the money is its capability to be easily turned into another asset, and the easy way that it could be used to measure the value of other assets.

But do you think that it is possible be the leader in a market if we use money only to buy wills instead of contracting the best team of innovators?

The value of the money is not money itself. The value of the money is in the way as we transform it to increase our wealthy. This action depends on the reasoning of innovation and senior managers.


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