Fernando Alonso driving for McLaren at the 200...
Fernando Alonso Driving for McLaren. Image via Wikipedia

I have made myself a question.

Has the reputation got influence in our capability to adopt new changes? Historic f1 racing teams could not win the last grand prix. I think that there must be a relationship between reputation and risk perception.

Reputation is an intangible value, then, preserving it is an additional requirement that high reputation organizations consider always. If every risk analysis includes this requirement, it is easy to understand that many actions, that a low reputation organization could accomplish, will be discarded by high reputation ones following a risk analysis scheme.

Ferrari and McLaren must always be on the top, although they do not win the championship. However, non-historic teams can think about the victory only, with additional options accepted by their risk analysis.

This cost of the reputation is the additional pressure. Only the best teams or trademarks could withstand pressure for many years, but this additional pressure makes more difficult to succeed again.