Does a manager win a championship or the success depends on the players?

State Diagram of Common Soccer Strategy
Soccer Strategy. Image via Wikipedia

I do not know if, as in most sports, it could be true that players win a championship and managers lose them, and this point cannot be translated to other businesses because of technology. Sport is a workforce intensive activity, but many industries are technology intensive. In the former case, staff has a great influence in the results of the company, but in the latter one an employee, included a manager, is only another chain link.

It does not matter. The manager is the responsible of the results. A player is the responsible of his acts, his work, his own comments and his own behavior, but the manager is the responsible of the results of the team, when the team wins and when the team loses.

However, players could have influence in the tasks of the manager. A bad comment of a player can increase pressure on his team and could turn the result against them. His manager will be able to reprimand him, or sell him to another team, but the manager will be responsible of the effects of the comments of his players when they talk to the press. Sometimes managers need to correct misfortunate declarations before they destroy the concentration and work of the rest of the team.

We can see similar situation in sports every day, but this situation is more problematic in a business. In a service company, the contact with the clients is not carry out by managers only. Staff has a big influence about the image of a company that its clients can see.

That is the reason because the only valid word in a business is the word of its directorate and the comments of the people chosen by them in order to do that task. An employee only represents himself and does not represent all the staff, in the same way that a manager decides the policy of a company, but he cannot decide about the personal thinking of his staff.


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