A historic viewpoint

Muralla de Ávila
Image by Teleyinex via Flickr

In the Middle Age commerce and banking were a negligible activity done by the impure in Europe, while war was considered a noble activity. Today, there are political parties that do not recognize the importance of the Defense policy while they focus their propaganda on economy matters. Obviously, world has changed, or trying to be more exact, although many things do not change, our vision about them do.

When we do not know how we can solve a problem we prefer still to pray than to shake the dice. That is the reason because to find a way to measure the performance of a process is very important: We have never liked uncertainty.

But, as I tried to show before, economy is a matter of operation of the society on the Earth, because there is not a society without economy. If we have to give Caesar’s belongings to Caesar why do a lot of people look at the heaven or at false gods instead of analyzing their company when they have a problem? Praying and measuring are not incompatible.


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