There is no return from scientific progress

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Bertrand Russell thought that people have not good feelings because of their technology, but knowledge let to get fame and notoriety without using the force. That is a reason because Research and Development is an excellent activity in order to establish a peaceful society. Sadly, totalitarian regimes had been using their scientists and technologists as instruments of their propaganda in the twentieth century.

Nowadays, we can see that the more technologically advanced the more peaceful society. There are two main reasons for this hypothesis. First of all, technology has a strong influence on the economic development and the welfare of a society, and second, as governments have the monopoly of the manufacture of the most advanced weapons, any attempt of using the force against other citizens can be easily stifled.

Sometimes I have the perception that the technological illiterate would prefer to go back an ancient way of life. Then I remember that they use a mobile phone to communicate with their relatives, get their news from internet and feel safety because they have a technologically advanced army, although they do not know how those technologies are working. There is no return from scientific progress.


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