Awards Mark an End, Beginning

Image by DVIDSHUB via Flickr

The innovation process is very complex. It is not easy to transform an idea into a successful product in the market. There are many things that we must do in order to define an innovation project, execute it, and continue with the commercial phase.

There are many management techniques that can be applied in order to manage the innovation project but, how can we get a good idea?

Human brain is working continuously. It has an extremely good capability to associate phenomena with internal knowledge. A lot of new ideas are produced every day in a company but, unfortunately, they lost.

As innovation managers we must establish a way to avoid this loss. We need that people are motivated to transmit their ideas to the high management level, and it is a good practice to set up a direct way to do this. In a little company this issue is very easy: the door of the CEO can be always opened for the staff. But in a large enterprise this issue requires the definition and management of a whole process.

People like to talk about their thoughts. To introduce his idea in a brief meeting with the CEO or Innovation Director can be enough reward for an employee, but it is more correct to recompense publicly something as difficult to get as a high benefit innovative idea.