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Nowadays, managers are conscious of the need to consider innovation as a global process. Old thoughts about innovation as a process framed into an R & D laboratory have been forgotten. However, some companies do not emphasize the importance of this process when their senior managers are thinking on the short term.

Innovation culture is created every day. Middle managers have explicitly defined objectives thinking on the short term that do not usually consider their innovation activity. The only way to ask them for an additional effort is through actions that produce a positive ambient to collaborate on innovation activities.

This ambient is responsibility of the highest level of management. And the way to promote it is sending the correct messages to the lower levels.

Many things can be done: events, meetings, communication actions, etc. Every talk must be thought to convince people about the need of the innovation. This process will need a structure that supports these actions specifically.

Large enterprises know this process well, and probably know another thing too. If you create a specific structure inside a company with a budget, it will become soon a power center. This power must be balanced with other ones more important, because a company cannot produce innovation if it does not produce cash flow in a sustainable manner. We must not forget that innovation is not an aim; it is a means, although sometimes it is the only way to reach the target.