Why is not easy to innovate?

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Templar Knights Playing Chess. Image via Wikipedia

Thinking about a crisis period, we can see that some needs arise. We need to do much more with fewer resources. The only way to provide a solution with this problem is innovation, or in other words, changing the way that we usually follow to get the same objective. A traditional focus can be optimization, but a new inefficient process can provide a better result than the optimized and efficient current process.

Innovation is not only an activity, it much more than this. Innovation is a strategic approach to improve our way or live. In that sense it is not only a task with some kind of priority, it proceed from a philosophical viewpoint.

Environmental changes establish the new challenges that we need to cope. And we will need to be able to find a good solution. Many objectives would be able to be got following an optimization approach, but probable some of them need a new focus.

But, where is the philosophical viewpoint? Of course, we will need to make a correct decision. Must we follow optimizing old technology? Or, must we develop a new technology?

That decision-making process induces different ways to organize our live, our
business or our society. We are talking about a conservative or progressive viewpoint.

It is easy to understand that a non-proven technology is risky and it can be difficult to adopt, and we can think that a new technology is adopted if someone has proven it and it provides a substantial improvement of our way of live, but it is not always true. Many people have a conservative viewpoint, and they prefer do not deal with many changes. The changes are only accepted when the problem turns into a matter of survival.

Going back to the first thinking, nowadays, we can find many people who think that it is necessary to do more with more, or more with less, but sometimes, the situation involves doing much more with less, and probably this can be a good moment to think so.


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