When will we discover the fire?

Spaceship airborn
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With many national economies in a critical state, it is time for thinking about fictional and real problems. Finance is grease that maintains the gears of the engine of our car, and it is producing terrible headaches to our rulers. However, it seems that many people think that finance is gasoline that feeds the engine.

Economy depends on goods and services that can be made through production factors; finance is only needed because a lot of years ago we changed barter by money, a carriage by an automobile, and we have turned capital into an important production factor. It is the result of paying the cost of getting better functionality through a more complex system.

The Euro and globalization have produced a huge qualitative step up in the global economy. This step needs new engines for new vehicles. Although we have not got a Captain Kirk, it seems that we can easily sit down a captain of a naval ship on the captain’s chair of a starship but, is it possible to find a Mr. Scotty that can get the job of chief of engineering in order to design and manufacture the new engine that will get power and produce work? Probably expert technicians on greases will not be very useful if the engine avoids friction with powerful magnetic fields.

If we manage a more complex system, we need to notice that there will be higher uncertainty that can turn the system into an unmanageable one if we do not analyze and understand the new characteristics properly. A way to determine our capability to manage a new system is measuring complexity, and problably, this is the only rational way because we do not manage something that we cannot measure.

Sometimes we forget that the main value that a house provided to us, does not depend on the landscape, the real value of a house depends on the warm and safe environment that it provides to us, although we do not need to know how we can light a fire because someone maintains an energy supply different to the fire in a cavern.


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