Understanding the Value of the Country Brand

Sean Connery
Sean Connery (Photo credit: twm1340)

When I was younger I had to attend a conference in Dublin. I do not remember the content of the conference. It was something related to computer vision, in that time I was a scientific researcher, but I remember other curious things that I lived then. For instance, I had to take a fight connection in Malaga towards London and in that flight Mr. Sean Connery, that then lived in Marbella, was too. It was a very educative experience to see how the flight attendances were very much worried about his comfort than mine. That fact can be an explanation about why many people dream to be a spy as James Bond. The moral of the fable is that people treats you following the image that they have about you. Marketing can become as important as technology.

Many countries usually want to be identified by its sportsmen and scientists in order to create an image of strength and intelligence. Stendhal thought, some centuries ago, that Spaniards are not worried about their image, he considered this fact as something remarkable and good, however, nowadays, when countries are submitted to the dictatorship of the markets the image of a country can have an important effect on the national GDP and the incomes of the enterprises.

Fortunately, Europe is more than an illusion. I can demonstrate it. Back to my initial travel, I remind another anecdote. At the end of the journey, I went back to the hotel at Temple Bar, and I decide to spend some time having a drink. In the bar of the hotel I asked for a beer (Guinness, of course) and a beautiful Irish waitress asked me if I was Italian. This was not an odd event, in my travels all over Europe I have been Italian or French for the waitresses of other countries but never Spanish. This is a relief: I cannot be responsible of the sovereign debt risk bonus. Thinking about this point, I only have a question. If managers and engineers can seem French, toreadors are very brave and the soccer team won the world championship, the reason for a devalued brand must be that its politicians all over the world must seem rednecks.

But, if I contributed to create a good business image of France when I travel to London (out of the Euro Zone), why must I pay more taxes in order that the government pays a higher interest of the sovereign debt than the French one? I suppose that the only reason is that I do not start a company in a tax haven.

Politicians are chosen by their parties in order that most people feel comfortable voting them, but, in a global economy, they should be chosen in order that they contribute to improve the brand of the country. The number of bumpkins is higher than the number of scientists in all countries. Then, the difference among countries depends only on the importance that culture provides to appearance.

The uncertainty of the sovereign debt only is showing the quality of the public management of a certain group of people but it has nothing to do with the private companies or the future solvency of the country if the public management changes, but it is a charge and a stigma that good enterprises suffer in some countries, and bad enterprises in other countries like Germany enjoy.


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