GGB is reflected in a soap bubble

A soap bubble (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It is possible that an economic crisis can proceed from bad management, but the most destructive effect proceeds from the formation of bubbles. In a bubble of soap we can introduce more and more air inside a thin film of soap that can grow until it explodes.

Today, many people think that this crisis is a crisis of values. But it is inexact because all crises need a loss of values in order that a bubble can grow.

Anti-values are the soap need to separate the world in two different parts and introduce more and more air inside. All of us know that the soap needs to be wet in order that the bubble can be formed.

If we can think that the anti-values are the soap needed to provide a bubble, the water that moistens them is the press. People have got a set of values from education and religion that would not let enrichment through injustice, lie, robbery and abuse. But those things can seem a funny game if a set of thieves pays a set of journalists in order to change the word injustice for smartness, the word lie for creativity, the word robbery for moneymaking and abuse for leadership in a press analysis.

But the hardest pain is not how a set planned lies can promote a bubble. It is their effect on the real values (smartness, creativity, moneymaking and leadership) that remain so depreciated that they cannot be recognized and be used to break the bubble.

If you are searching for the cause of a crisis, you must look at the management, but if are searching for the guilty of the growth of a bubble you must look at the press, and analyze who were hidden the truth promoting the growth of the bubble.

Following this analysis, there cannot be a solution to any crisis without a press guided by values and not by anti-values. Perhaps, it will be more important to clean the press, eliminating the party spirit and promoting independence as one of the main actions to find an exit to a crisis.

In a democracy, people know that terrorists use firearms and opposition uses dialogue and critique to convince the people. In a dictatorship, dialogue and critiques searching for the truth are considered terrorism too by the press, although only discussion can change the errors of a very bad government.

A government is driving a society and cannot be living permanently in a bubble ignoring the needs of their people, especially if the bubble is of this kind, made through distorted anti-values.