Astrophysical or Astrological New Age?

Portraits of Kepler and his wife in oval medal...
Portraits of Kepler and his wife in oval medallions (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Do you think that it can be possible to sell an engineering product through a commercial that does not understand the differences between astrology and astrophysics?

These differences were established by scientists as Johannes Kepler some centuries ago. Any engineer should know it yesterday. And it would be very difficult that in a serious engineering company a salesman could think and communicate that superstition is equivalent to science. It should be equivalent to turn a modern state obtained through several centuries of political development into a feudal one in a few years.

The power of governments over the people depends finally on the monopoly of the advanced weapon systems. Weapon technology is the reason because a centralized state can govern a vast country without a need of a set of feudal lords distributed over the whole country, but, what happens if someone builds a device that turns the weapons controlled by the government into ineffective ones? Probably we would not go back to the Stone Age but the Feudal one.

Feudalism let to control a people though a kind of delegation known as vassalage. A feudal lord only has to obey his direct superior and he has the right to be judged only by his direct superior, people and other lords cannot interfere in this relationship.

Back to the twenty first century, current states proceed from what we have named modern states; however, the environment provided by globalization is very different. States have the monopoly of the power of advanced weapons yet, but the fear of weapons is useless to control effectively the economy of a country especially when economy is driven by great multinational organizations with interests in several states that can be even politically antagonist.

If globalization is limiting the power of governments, it is reasonable to think that governments will establish some actions to correct that situation. The most logic solution would be to define “advanced economic weapons” based on new economic knowledge and new technologies. This should be the preferred option of the most technological and scientifically advanced countries, but I am afraid that in some countries if politicians have not economical scientific knowledge and they do not understand the power of new information technologies they will try to go back to some kind of feudal system turning citizens into servants and limiting the responsibility of the new “feudal lords” only to their direct superior in a new relationship of vassalage.

The age of observation, experimentation and technological and social development would be substituted for the age of superstition, fear and abuse in a new age that we can name Anti Renaissance.

Both options probably will reduce the complexity of the world, but the latter one could stop the evolution of the mankind in a second Middle Age.


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