The Inverted Society

Oval Office whitehouse
Oval Office of the Whitehouse

It is true that the world is more complex every day, but if we want to change this trend, we should analyze the sources of this complexity. There are many areas of the society operation that are suffering a sharp increase of complexity, but where is the problem? Is it a problem of self-control or is it a problem of supervisory control? The answer, my friend, probably, is blowing in the wind.

We are attending a period where many things have been inverted at the supervisory level. For instance, some decades ago, higher classes and politicians were examples for the rest of the people. They were the face that shows the rest of the people the way to improve the performance of the society day by day.

There are some assumptions about politics that should be analyzed. Democratic systems pretend to get a supervisory control with the following requirements:

–          Politicians must have good managing expertise.

–          Politicians must be good diplomats.

–          Politicians must understand the real economy operation.

–          Politicians must be honest.

But, are the results according to the specifications?

If a country had contracted a consultancy firm to do the managing work, first of all, the offer would have included the curriculum vitae of any project manager and senior consultant involved in the work, with a set of previous projects related to the work that they should do. On the other hand, no manager contracts a consultant with similar knowledge and experience than his to help him to do a new managing work. It is supposed that, if a company needs consultancy, the reason is that additional knowledge is needed. Nobody would contract a company without experience in some kind of crisis to resolve a large crisis.

This is the common process of contracting when specialized services are involved, and the offers are usually analyzed by the own experts of the company. But, what happens in politics? In a democratic system, government is not elected by professional experts, then, the quality of the result of the electoral process depends strongly on the quality of the electors.

That is the reason because a society without proper education has very difficult to get a stable democratic government. Democracy requires education, and without education, a feudal system always has proven to be more effective in reality.

In terms of complexity, a model of society that does not fit the real society is a huge source of complexity. As we know yet, a complex society tends to increase its complexity even more and finally it collapses. When it collapses, people tend to establish a different operation scheme. The collapse of feudalism usually drives to democracy, and the collapse of democracy usually drives to some kind of totalitarianism that finally gets a feudal structure.

There are many reasons to prefer democracy to other political systems. I do not want to provide the impression that I defend a government elected only by public officials. I would never propose a so terrible thing. I strongly defend the need of a basic universal education (public or private) in every democracy to reduce its complexity, although this is not the only needed thing to get a healthy society, for instance, mass media must do an information and education work properly that they usually do not.

Now, we are attending a lot of processes where many politicians cannot get votes showing themselves as good managing examples, and they prefer to use the image of other people to make the work of capturing votes for them. This is showing that our societies are reaching a dangerous inverted position. The reasons can be diverse; it can be that education system is not effective enough, for instance.

Personally, I want to live in a society where every farmer wants to make an effort in order that their sons can be educated to transform his farm into a more industrialized farming facility and get a more comfortable life, instead of living in a society where politicians want that people see them as simple farmers (evidently, in most cases, they are not, and this is only one of their bad jokes) in order to increase their number of votes.


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